Hello, Cupcake.
I'm Raychel.
Born and raised in Detroit, MI.
Striving for higher consciousness.
<3 The 90's, Aliens, & Baking <3
<3 Buckley, Motown, & Seattle Sound <3
One heart but, it loves like three.
I live for here and now.
There isn't a book long enough or a cup of coffee big enough for me.
Too strange to live. Too rare to die.
Art opens minds, foolishness closes them.
Coca-Cola is bringing back the worst 1990s soda because the internet

What?! This is happening.

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Just an experiment. Reblog if you actually give a fuck about male victims of domestic violence and rape.
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My friend Maggie, at the young age of 34, just found out she has a twin, and now it’s up to all of us to help her find them!
I love a mystery!
Please share this photo!




Omg, it is literally me. Every fall. 

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